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Preserving Your Family History

Cassette Tapes & Recordings

Believe it or not, music and audio recordings can also be modernized! We can convert your audio tapes or reel-to-reel audio into a digital lossless format. We can even clean up the sound by removing minor scratches, pops and background noise using our sound restoration technology.

Keeping your memories safe + local.

The Print Refinery® has been professionally preserving memories for over 10 years.
Using a trusted local expert is the safest way to digitize home movies & photos.

Audio tape conversion is growing in popularity as younger generations embrace all things analog. Not sure what specific media you have? No problem! Our audio preservation experts are standing by ready to assist.

  • LP’s: 45 records, 33 records, 78 records
  • Reel-to-reel
  • Audio cassettes/Cassette tapes
  • Compact cassettes
File Deliverables:
  • MP3
  • Thumb Drive/USB
  • DVD/CD
  • Digital Download