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Photo Restorations

Our photo technicians have years of experience fixing your discolored, damaged and washed out photos! The first step is getting a high-resolution scan to work with. Then, we remove scratches, tears, creases and other imperfections.

Once the image has been improved, we check for exposure issues, shadow adjustments and sharpness. Finally, we apply color adjustments if they need to be made.

We can also do fun things like remove a subject (or more!) from an image, change the background, create a composite from one or more images and a host of other things you've probably not even thought of. Memories are precious. Let us take those moments from the past and bring them back to life. Your family will cherish these forever!

Photo restorations have four levels of service:
Level 1 $30.00 Basic color correction, adjustments for contrast, saturation and/or exposure, dust removal, small blemishes and up to three small areas not affecting faces or hands. It also includes red-eye removal, teeth whitening and braces removal.
Level 2 $50.00 All level one enhancements, plus advanced color correction and up to five small areas not affecting faces or hands. It also includes correction for laser eyes on animals.
Level 3 $70.00 All level one and two enhancements, plus up to three areas affecting faces or hands, along with rips, tears, creases or damage outside critical areas.
Level 4 $100.00 All other improvements including more than three areas affecting faces or hands, wholesale background changes, addition of or subtraction of subjects from an image, black and white image colorization, missing portions of an image and other advanced techniques not listed here.