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The Print Refinery®

Our story

When One Door Closes, Another Opens

The fall of 2012 was a time of dramatic change in the photo world where more images were being captured on smartphones in one year than on cameras in the ten years prior. You want to pass your story on to future generations and we are the local experts that can help you do it. We’re also more than just photo specialists – we print anything on everything. It’s through our experience that we can also support your business’s printing and graphics needs.

What makes The Print Refinery® special is that we are part of a vibrant, local community that we love to support and connect with. Every project that walks through our door is an opportunity to collaborate on a personal level. We are creative storytellers and educators, design experts and artistic consultants, and we have a knack for bringing your ideas to life.

What You Should Expect From Us

Our Mission

The Print Refinery® fuses high tech innovations with creative storytelling in an interactive hub buzzing with ingenuity.

Our community connects families, friends and colleagues through social experiences and education. It is the place to explore unique print and photo solutions for memory preservation, decor, gift giving, graphics and commercial applications. We are design experts and artistic consultants with a knack for bringing your ideas to life.

Our Guarantee

When you visit The Print Refinery®, we want you to arrive bursting with ideas and leave with a smile.

Our passion is bringing your stories to life through artistic collaboration. Our obsession is delivering share-worthy excitement with each experience and project. We guarantee quality and excellence in every customer interaction and project encounter. If you aren’t completely thrilled with your project – let us know and we’ll make it right!

The Team

Originality and ingenuity propel The Print Refinery® team to create amazing experiences, products and solutions every day.


Nick Gillenwater – Owner

Nick has worked in the photo industry since 2005 and has been a photo enthusiast even longer. He’s visited all fifty states, four countries in Europe and is your go-to resource for fun things to do when visiting Hawaii. He loves his job but would gleefully leave all of it behind for a chance to play on Survivor. What he loves most about The Print Refinery®: the opportunity to be creative on a daily basis.



Joy was working with Pantone color before it became cool to decorate your home with. She has two amazing kids and loves being involved with rescue animals. She thinks ‘barnacles’ is the best word, but only when you say it like a pirate. What she loves most about The Print Refinery®: carefully capturing and preserving memories from simpler times.



Samantha’s experience behind the lens stretches back more than a decade and she’s excited to share with you her love of putting together lasting keepsakes of your memories. Her family still owns a farm and she often helps with her mother’s online business. What she loves most about The Print Refinery®: helping families tell their story in a way they otherwise couldn’t (and it’s a fun place to work!).